Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM services

We offer a comprehensive set of services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects you’re planning:

  • Consulting to help you with establishing business processes, selecting proper license type, deployment model and implementation plan.
  • Prototyping of your solution to meet your expectations of how it will work and look like.
  • Initial deployment and configuration of the most crucial and important features to ensure stable and productive operation of your CRM system within shortest period of time
  • Customization and development of custom components to meet your specific and individual requirements.
  • User Training to help users benefit from the full range of CRM System capabilities.
  • Data Migration from your legacy system or database
  • Integration with other corporate systems such as ERP or ECM
  • Business Intelligence implementation based on your CRM system to help you better analyze and optimize your CRM data.

Banglavision will build an effective, customer-centric corporate environment and achieve high-level productivity in the following areas:

Effective Marketing

MS Dynamics CRM gives a comprehensive overview of the market situation, traces results of your marketing campaigns, minimizes your company’s presale efforts, and improves sale and after-sale stage. It is a valuable tool to identify profitability level of each sales channel, which ultimately improves marketing, sales management and strategic planning.

Streamlined Sales and Customer Relationships Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows seeing the complete picture of customer relationships history, improve planning of your investments and easily accommodate to demands of valuable customers.

It also empowers to streamline the sales lifecycle (from placing an initial order to a delivery stage) and ensures that your clients have the goods they want, where and when they want them.

Effective Product Lifecycle Management

We offer out-of-the-box tools customization for your products and services lifecycle management in relation to marketing activities.

Smooth Workflows and Business Analysis

Banglavision configures MS Dynamics CRM for your business to benefit from improved workflow management:

  • Campaigns and activities planning and tracking
  • Performance monitoring and analysis

Easy-to-use MS Office applications natively integrated with MS Dynamics CRM facilitate staff adaptation and training, while best in class CRM practice enables your sales and marketing be mobile and productive.

  • Effectively manage communication routes within company’s global divisions (calls, e-mails, fax etc.) from one location.
  • Keep all data and documents consistent and compliant.
  • Restrict access to valuable data across the team per individual’s role improving data security.
  • Create, manage and track tasks in a team.
  • Be informed: create and customize real-time dashboards, which aid to track the key data, react to changes on the market and help make intelligent decisions.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM